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What is a sleeping bag used for?


A sleeping bag is a bag used for sleeping.

The function of a sleeping bag is only to keep heat loss as little as possible, while the human body inside the sleeping bag continuously generates heat to keep warm. The heat generated by different individuals and situations is different. All sleeping bag temperature scale systems are based on a standard Human body, but such a standard human body basically does not exist.

In order to establish the temperature rating of a sleeping bag, sleeping bag prototypes must be tested outdoors before commercial production. The testers are often people who often live outdoors, such as soldiers, mountain guides, etc. They need to test in the field environment for several weeks, and then Provide manufacturers with advice on sleeping bag comfort temperatures and extreme temperatures.

Extended information

In the 1830s, hiking and camping began to become popular in Europe, and the demand for outdoor equipment began to gradually increase. Sleeping bags became a commercial product, and manufacturers began to put labels on sleeping bags to facilitate customers to choose according to their needs when purchasing.

The temperature scale marked at the beginning is very simple. There are only three distinctions between summer, three seasons and winter. This distinction method is relatively rough and can only be selected according to the approximate use temperature. Later, some brands of sleeping bags began to give two temperature scale values: comfort temperature and extreme temperature.

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