Camping Mat

The camping mat can maintain the space environment. There are all kinds of grass clippings on the outdoor grass. If you sit directly on it, these grass clippings will stain your whole body. If you put your carry-on items directly on the grass, it will easily get dirty and affect your mood. A camping mat can block this out.
2 Camping mats protect the grass. The mesh structure of the camping mat makes it have excellent breathability. On a grassland with a width of several square meters, the range of people's activities is relatively small, so it is easy to trample on the growing grass, and a camping mat can play a protective role.
3 The camping mat is easy to carry and organize. Spread all kinds of delicacies on the camping mat. After camping, it is simple and convenient to clean up these "remnants", without having to look for damaged vegetation or the natural environment on the grass.
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  • Say goodbye to all that annoying sand which sticks to your regular beach blanket! Shake off all the sand with no effort! It’s time to enjoy a Sand Free relaxing day on your baiyues large waterproof camping mat for the beach!

  • Baiyues designed the sleeping pad with Self Inflating Sleeping Mat For Camping for long-lasting, which is a more durable fabric around used for camping. It's waterproof and warm which will keep you away from the wet ground in the most severe conditions. This sleeping pad will be a perfect companion for your camping, tent, sleeping bag, and hiking.

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