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How many types of tents are there?

Tents are classified into two main categories: backpacking and campsite tents

A: Backpacking tents are perfect for self-supported adventures where you are heading off the beaten track. They utilise lightweight fabrics and poles and come in a range of designs, from pared back setups that keep weight to an absolute minimum, to roomier designs featuring generous vestibules that offer more useable space, whilst remaining light enough to carry comfortably. Much smaller and more lightweight than campsite tents, backpacking tents can withstand harsher weather conditions. 

B: Campsite tents are geared more towards group and family camping. They have larger living spaces, come with additional features and are designed with an emphasis on comfort and practicality. Their bigger size means  heavier weight and these tents aren’t designed to be carried long distances. They are best suited for use in campsites where you park your car close to the pitch. Easy to pitch, they provide a dry, spacious and reliable shelter if the weather takes a turn.