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Hammock rope tying diagram

When it comes to hammocks, most of you are familiar with the fact that someone has asked you how to use an outdoor hammock. In fact, there are video tutorials on how to knit hammocks. In fact, the aerial yoga hammock how to tie a knot video, today we will look at the hammock rope tying diagram, together to understand.

Hammock rope tying diagram

1. First thread the end of the hammock through the string, tie a binding knot, and then cross the string over a tree.

2. Put the other end of the crossed rope through the crossed loop and tie a dead knot as shown below.

3. The other side is also operated as above. It is better to tie up the hammock.

4. You can also wrap the rope around the tree several times, and finally put on the steel ring as shown in the picture below.

5. Then pass the end of the rope through the wound loop and through the steel loop as shown below.

6. Finally, fasten the iron hook on the end of the rope, and then fasten the hammock on both sides.

Fixed knot method, the trunk is thick enough hammock rope is strong enough, tied two or three times a slip-knot is fine.