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Outdoor tent which is the most practical

A tent is the favorite of many experienced outdoor enthusiasts and an indispensable tool for camping in the wild. Outdoor tents can not only solve our accommodation problems, but also let us better feel the charm of nature. There are also many types of outdoor tents, the more common are triangle tent, dome tent, hexagonal tent, boat bottom tent, ridge tent, etc., from the way of construction, there are manual tents and automatic tents, each tent has its own advantages and disadvantages, different shape structure, material, different application of the tent function is not the same, Need to combine their own needs to choose. If it is family and friends to the scenic spot or park, camping site gathering picnic, do not spend the night, it is recommended to choose convenient automatic tent, easy to build, cheap space, but the disadvantage is relatively heavy weight; If it is the field hiking overnight, it is best to choose manual tent, light and easy to carry, reliable quality, wind and waterproof performance